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Social Media Management
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“78% of respondents said that companies’ Social Media posts impact their purchases.” – Forbes

Frequent Updates

Content posted once a day, 7 days a week

Crafted Content

Individualized content creation, specifically crafted for your business


Promotion of your company across our Social Media Networks.


Unlimited email, phone, and chat support and also spam removal


Social media, done for you.

It’s not  easy trying to run a business, juggling the day to day running of the business, as well as tryimg maintain your social media profiles, it can be quite challenging. There never seems to be enough hours in the day along with the learning curve of using social media

Enter Vital Social Stats, we will manage your social media profiles for you

Vital Social Stats will help a busy business owner like yourself  maintain a solid presence on social media, so that when your customers and potential customers go looking for you, you’re there. And you’re not just there, you’re there consistently, establishing your relevance, credibility, and approachability as a small business owner.

For less than a cup of coffee per day

Social Media Management

Leverage The Power Of Social Media To Your Advantage.

we can manage your Social Media marketing.

“68% of consumers check out companies on social networking sites before buying.” – Brandpoint*

Affordable Social Media Marketing

People buy from companies they trust.*

Your credibility is everything online.Many business owners face the challenge of finding the timeto execute a Social Media strategy.

Here is what Vital Social Stats can do for you:

Our experts will post relevant content to your Social Media Profiles.
Vital Social Stats will work with you on developing a healthy trending buzz about your company.Why partner with us? It allows you to have a professional company handle your Social Media presence without  the hassle of having to hire a full time employee to do it for you. Saving you time and money and letting you focus on the day to day running of  your business.

Let Vital Social Stats increase your online exposure today.

Here are just some of the profiles we will manage for you…

Affordable Social Media Marketing

Everything You Need, at a Price You Can Afford

Individualized content created specifically for your business, posted daily to Facebook, Twitter,Instagram and Google Plus – all for one crazy low price.

What others are saying

what a difference Vital Social Stats has made to my site. I wasn’t really expecting too much of a change but oh how wrong was I .Ausbb.com experienced an increase in members and gained some more advertising. Would highly recommend Vital Social Stats
Ausbb - Australian Bodybuilding

Let’s help you become a Social Media Rockstar!

Discover what Vital Social Statsl can do for you and your small business.

Our Promise to you 

  • Daily posting to Facebook, Twitter and Google+
    Vital Social Stats will post fresh, relevant content directly to your social media accounts once a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Individualized content, including articles, images and videos
    We will post content specifically selected for your business, all of which will work to demonstrate your expertise, appeal to your target audience, and spark interest within your social media communities.
  • Ongoing promotion of your products and services
    Experience has taught us how to strike the right balance of self promotion on social media. We’ll  post links on your social media pages to get people clicking through to your site to learn more about your company has to offer.
  • Content curation and customisation by  AUSTRALIAN based Content Specialist
    Content we post on your social media profiles will be high quality and will match perfectly with your business.
  • Social profile optimization to maximize your visibility
    We’ll review your social media profiles to ensure they’re complete, and to make it easier for customers and prospects to find you online.
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